Never mind what we’re doing to these poor kids in terms of body image, can you imagine how self-righteous and irritable an entire generation that has grown up on kale and cilantro juice will be when it finally reaches maturity? I guess the upside is they will be tiny and thus easy to push aside. —Debate rages over children on juice cleanses | Awl
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How cruel, your veins are full of ice-water and mine are boiling. —Catherine, Wuthering Heights

ファンタジー - fantasy

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Kim Joong Chil, whose son is missing, says he believes it’s time to lift the submerged ferry.

"He’s inside the sea, if he died," Kim said of his eldest son. "Either way, the students are in the water and we have to find them."

His son, Kim Yoon Soo, 18, is missing — one of the high school students heading on a field trip. Kim and his wife gave DNA samples, an effort undertaken by the Maritime Police in anticipation of recovering and identifying the bodies.

Since Wednesday, Kim has stayed at the gym where families sleep on the open floor, on top of blankets in the stuffy gym. They are given towels, toothbrushes and hot meals. Some families sit in circles on the floor eating out of bento boxes handed to them by volunteers. A live feed shows the rescue efforts on the Yellow Sea on a big screen in front of the gym, but not many appear to be watching.

Kim barely glances at the screen. Dangling from his neck is a name tag with two numbers: his son’s grade level (2) and his classroom (3). Here at the Jindo gymnasium, family members wear their children’s name instead of their own.

- CNN, Families’ frustration: ‘Nothing is changing’

A Moment of Prayer

Cumulus Consonance Study 1 by Scott Naismith


When I became an actress I quickly realize that the world liked their latinos to look Italian. Not like me. So I wasn’t going up for Latina parts. I was going up for African American parts. […]

Regardless of the fact that I spoke the language better and understood the culture better, those [stereotypical latina] weren’t the parts that…I could take seriously. Suddenly you have to explain why I look how I look. And then it gets complicated. And nobody wants complicated.

Gina Torres | Black & Latino


Xhxix aka Hi aka YDK Morimoe (Japan) - Untitled, 2010-2014     Digital Arts


Emiliana Torrini - Sunny Road