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Best Junji Ito one-shots!



Junji Ito is a horror manga artist known for having a huge number of works and for being very good at telling extremely unsettling stories. I recently re-read all of Ito’s work, so I decided to create a compilation post of his best one-shots.

Reading Ito for the first time is both riveting and disgusting, so if you are a horror buff but unfamiliar with Ito (or even horror manga), I encourage you to take a look at some of these shorts. You won’t be disappointed.

All come with a warning for gore, body horror, and disturbing images, with extra warnings listed in parentheses after synopses. You can access all of his works here. Enjoy!

Anything but a Ghost - a man finds a girl on the side of the road, totally unresponsive and covered in blood.

Army of One - bodies keep appearing in various places, naked and stitched together with fishing line.

The Back Alley - a boy rents a room from a family and hears the sound of children playing in the back alley late at night.

The Bully - a girl becomes a playground bully when a young boy won’t leave her alone (child abuse).

The Chill - a boy is curious about a sick neighbor girl, which leads him to question his grandfather’s death (trypophobia).

Den of the Sleep Demon - a boy’s dream self tries to leave his body during his sleep, forcing him to stay awake for days on end.

Dissection Girl - a girl poses as a medical school cadaver in her quest to be dissected.

Enigma of Amigara Fault - an earthquake leads to the discovery of a mountainside full of human-shaped holes.

Fashion Model - a man is disturbed by a magazine model with an inhuman appearance.

Flesh-Colored Horror - a preschool teacher deals with an unruly child and his strange family.

Glyceride - a girl’s house and family are covered in a thick layer of grease.

Hanging Balloons - after an idol’s suicide, Tokyo’s citizens are tormented by malicious balloon versions of their own heads that have nooses instead of strings.

House of Puppets - raised by a puppeteer, a orphaned pair of siblings find their long-lost brother, only to learn that he and his new family are now living as puppets.

Human Chair - an author, having trouble writing due to her uncomfortable desk chair, goes on a search for a new chair.

Long Dream - a man is hospitalized for dreams that continue to feel longer and longer until he is dreaming millennia.

Long Hair In The Attic - a girl’s boyfriend breaks up with her, and she decides to cut off the hair she grew out for him.

Love as Scripted - a girl falls for a notorious ladies man in her theater troupe.

My Dear Ancestors - a girl suffers from amnesia and her boyfriend tries to help her recover (centipedes)

Oshikiri 1 2 - a boy lives alone in a haunted mansion while his parents are abroad.

Penpal - a side story in the Oshikiri universe about a girl who is locked in a fight with her three penpals.

Red Turtleneck - a man struggles to hold his almost-decapitated head to his neck without severing nerves or blood vessels.

The Thing That Drifted Ashore - a deep-sea monster washes up on the beach (trypophobia).

Town Without Streets - a story about a girl’s experience with: a stalker, a family that can’t stop creating peepholes in her room, an extremely strange town, and Jack the Ripper.

The Window Next Door - a family moves into a new house, and the neighbor woman terrorizes their son at night.

The Woman Next Door - in a girl’s apartment building, there is an apartment occupied by mysterious women who wear all black.

hanging balloons tho….

Little Cheung, 2000




I’m self-sufficient. I spend a lot of time on my own and I shut off quite easily. When I communicate, I communicate 900 per cent, then I shut off, which scares people sometimes. —Björk on Self-Sufficiency 


Pink again.

And Captain banned headphones from the office, due to the Gina incident.

A woman sitting by herself is not waiting for you. —Caitlin Stasey. (via mysharona1987)


Robert Böesch for Mammut 


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(Mexico City, Mexico)

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