TIME LightBox | Pictures of the Week: March 1 - March 8

Photographed: A paramilitary police officer collects the Chinese national flag during a flag-lowering ceremony in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, China. At a polling station in Nairobi, Kenya, an election official uses the light from a mobile phone to check the I.D. card of a voter. Suraj, 11, walks with his pet monkey towards a group of tourists to start a show on the Marine Drive promenade in Mumbai, India. A Brazilian soldier with the MINUSTAH force greets a boy in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Pakistani women cook for their family using a fire inside their makeshift home, in a slum in Islamabad, Pakistan. A Kashmiri Muslim prays as a priest displays a relic during celebrations at the shrine of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Geelani, in Srinagar, India.

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